Since the establishment in 1995, Kampuchea Tela Co., Ltd has gained invaluable experience. We have recruited the best and the brightest individuals available in the labor market today. We recognize individual’s specific skill and talent and expertise in their fields.

 To function well as a company, we have employed a combination of highly skilled management and engineering teams to act as the driving force of the company.

We have successfully built management structure that maximizes growth and operates effectively through checks and balance. This well-designed management structure has ensured smooth operations and successfully achieved our goals as a company.

Guiding Principles

The exceptional quality of our staff is a valuable competitive edge. To build on this advantage, we are striving to retain the most qualified employees available and maximize their opportunities for success through training and development. We are committed to maintaining a safe work environment enriched by diversity and characterized by open communication, trust, and fair treatment. 

Safety Training & Development

Your satisfaction is our number one concern, and we believe it starts with service. Every employee at our company takes part in a comprehensive training program so that we know that they understand our commitment to serving you. 

Employee Involvement

We recruit competent and motivated people, who respect and share our values, provide equal opportunities for their development and advancement. At Tela, we encourage our employees to take part in all aspects of the business and we consider their contribution is a plus in our decision making.

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