Tela Lube Oil Blending plant produces a wide range of high performance lubricants for nearly every industrial & commercial application. It was established in 1999 and was the first Cambodian Company to be awarded ISO 9001:2008, registration number 36106, by UKAS London, and API, registration number 2157, certificate by American Petroleum Institute in 2004.

Well-known brands such as Telaline, Telnergy & Telstar have established reputation for reliability and unsurpassed performance in Cambodia market.


There are two kinds of gasoline available, Telsol Premium and Telsol Extra, at Tela Service Station. The quality of these two products is designed to keep your vehicle running efficiently. Telsol Premium and Telsol Extra have been developed to meet your motoring requirements.


Telsol Premium and Telsol Extra are designed for use in all gasoline-fueled spark ignition engines in mobile, portable and stationary applications. Contains a proprietary, advanced technology additive system that cleans up dirty intake and fuel systems, and keeps them clean to ensure engines operate at peak performance and efficiency (Unleaded gasoline 92 nig 95).



Power Diesel

Tela Power Diesel is a premium performance and available at Tela Service Station. It is designed for use in all diesel-fueled engines in mobile, portable and stationery applications. With its deposit control additive system Tela Power Diesel cleans up blocked fuel injectors and keeps them clean for maximum power and performance and trouble-free running. 



Kerosene is thin clear liquid oil derived from petroleum, coal tar, or oil-bearing shale. Kerosene is widely used to power jet engines of aircraft and some rocket engines, but is also commonly used as a cooking and lighting fuel, heaters, and lamps, and as a solvent.

Kerosene is used to fuel smaller-horsepower outboard motors built by Yamaha Motors, Suzuki Marine, and Tohatsu. Primarily used on small fishing craft, these are dual-fuel engines that start on gasoline and then transition to kerosene once the engine reaches optimum operating temperature.


LPG (Liquefy Petroleum Gas)

Tela Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is colorless fuel that is basically used for home cooking and industrial heating in commercial sector. As a leading petroleum company, Kampuchea Tela can supply your home and businesses with unsurpassed quality LPG for all purposes.

Tela LPG is the best choice because of its special quality and environmentally friendly characteristics, smoke-free emission, and odorless. More importantly, to guarantee safety for our valued customers, LPG cylindrical canisters are thoroughly undergone safety inspection before distributing to the markets.



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