Lithium LG-2

 Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease LG-2 is a excellent grease that can withstand the shock load and high temperature. It contains high additive for anti-wear performance and provide rust and oxidation protection. It has NLGI GC-LB credentials. 


The effective rust and correction inhibitor protect metal surfaces, even in conditions of server water exposure:
1. High dropping point minimizes leakage from bearing at elevated temperature oxidation resistance ensure long grease life 
2. Multipurpose capability allows to use in a wide rage of automotive and industrial application. 

- Re commanded for lubricating, disk break wheel bearing chassis and suspension steering linkage and U-joints, Marine Application and trailer Bearing, OFF-ROAAD equipment.  

Carton = 0.5kg X 24 cans
Carton = 5kg X 4 cans 
Drum = 15kg, 180kg

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