SAE 10W-30, API SL

  Specifically designed for 4 stoke engine of powerful and recent scooters for which manufacturer recommends JASO MB specification. Formulation is perfectly balanced to provide excellent control of piston deposit, wear and bearing corrosion. Good detergency to help  maintain engine cleanliness. Good anti-oxidation properties to prevent premature ageing of oil.

- Exceed API SL
- SAE 10W30
- MIL-L-46152B
- CCMC G2/D1

- Exceptional thermal stability can help resist oxidation and high-temperature degradation 
- Outstanding protection against wear of engine and transmission components
- Enhanced lubrication can help maintain maximum power and acceleration over the life of the engine
- optimized wet-clutch performance
- Excellent low-temperature flow characteristics can help minimize engine wear during start-up  

- Especially developed for use in all type of Gasoline Scooter Engine

Carton = 0.8L X 24 bottles

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