SAE 5W-30, API CI-4

  Premium quality multi-grade engine oil designed to meet the warranty requirements of all manufacturers of engines specifying American Petroleum Institute (API) service specification. Is heavy duty diesel engine oil, meets the latest performance level API CI4 and fullfill the require ments of the diesel engines that are required which Exhaust Gas.

- Exceed API CI4
- SAE 5W-30
- ACEA E4-08/E7-08 issue 2 (2010)
- MB-Approval 228.5
- Mack EO-N/EO-M Plus
- volvo VDS-3 
- Renault Truck RXD/RLD
- Deutz DOC IV-10

- Excellent stay-in grade stability ensures viscosity integrity and reduce oil consumption
- Better fuel economy
- Outstanding engine cleanliness
- Protect against rust and corrosion
- Extraordinary oxidation and thermal stability
- Exception low temperature performance 

- Recommended for modern diesel engine oil with Turbo-chargers. Suitable for Toyota Land cruiser, Mercedes-Benz, General Motor, Volvo and other limousines. 

Carton = 5L X 6 bottles

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