SAE 40/50, API CF/SF | CF4/SH 

 Formulated with high quality base stock with outstanding detergent additives to provide superior performance. Specially designed for diesel and gasoline engine. Helps keep engines clean, protect wear, rust, corrosion and oil oxidation. 

API CF-4/SH SAE 40, 50 CCMC G2/D1/MIL-L-46152B, CCMC G2/D1

1 . Effective control of piston deposits . 2 . Controls hard carbonaceous deposits on piston crown lands . 3 . Provides very good performance in mixed fleets of different engine design .

Recommended for use in all type of Diesel Engines, included some turbo-charged engines, agricultural tractor, and generator sets.

Drum = 200 Litres

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