Semi synthetic 10W-40 is a premium quality, it is formulated using the latest engine oil technology and high performance additive including Full Zinc anti-wear package for complete engine oil protection semi-synthetic 10W-40 is designed for used in modern 4,6 & 8 cyliner multi-cam, multi-valve, naturally aspirated, super charge & turbocharged engine.

- Exceeds latest API SN/CF specification
- SAE 10W- 40
- ACEA A3/B3

- Semi-synthetic ester formula for passenger cars, light trucks, performance vehicles and marine applications
- high wear protection for high mileage and inadequate oil change
- High oxidation debility for long life
- Excellent wea protection and friction reduction across a wide range of operating conditions
- High detergency allows extended drain intervals and provides increased cleanliness
- Improved fuel economy and ring seal for more power
- Superior high temperature stability and oxidation resistance increases lubrication of hot metal compared to other synthetics
- Synthetic based engine oil
- Protect during all driving conditions and temperature

Avoid skin and eye contact, especially with used oil. When using do not eat, drink or smoke. Wash hand thoroughly after handling. Launder contaminated clothes before reuse. Keep out of reach of children.

Carton = 4L X 6 bottles

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