Tela Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is colorless fuel that is basically used for home cooking and industrial heating in commercial sector. As a leading petroleum company, Kampuchea Tela can supply your home and businesses with unsurpassed quality LPG for all purposes.

Tela LPG is the best choice because of its special quality and environmentally friendly characteristics, smoke-free emission, and odorless. More importantly, to guarantee safety for our valued customers, LPG cylindrical canisters are thoroughly undergone safety inspection before distributing to the markets.


Tela LPG is available in both small and large scale. For local industry and commercial uses, high quality ball valve tanks are professionally installed on premises. For households and retail, LPG products are commercially available in 15 kg and 50 kg canisters.

TELA Autogas

With a combination of 30% Propane to 70% Butane. Tela Autogas is the most suitable and safest fuel gas for your vehicles. Our customers will find it the best alternative fuels to gasoline and other fuels use in combustion engines.

With unique feature of making clean properties burn in silky smooth performing engine, Tela Autogas allows your vehicle to run more efficiently and further with the lowest emissions.

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