Tela Power Diesel is a premium performance and available at Tela Service Station. It is designed for use in all diesel-fueled engines in mobile, portable and stationery applications. With its deposit control additive system Tela Power Diesel cleans up blocked fuel injectors and keeps them clean for maximum power and performance and trouble-free running. 

Tela Power Diesel contains a proprietary, advance technology, multinational additive system that maintains fuel injector cleanliness and protects fuel system components to ensure that engines operate at peak efficiency and performance. It also consists of a lubricity agent to minimize wear on fuel injectors and fuel pump components. Moreover, Tela Power Diesel maximizes available power output; preserves fuel economy and reduce missions. It saves on maintenance, improves refueling efficiency and provides excellent storage stability. Improves fuel injector cleanliness:



Tela Power Diesel is suitable for use with all high-speed diesel engines and medium speed diesel engines configured to burn distillate fuels:

- Air and water-cooled, two and four-cycle diesel engines

- Trucks, buses, passenger cars, and tractors

- Construction and materials handling equipment

- Portable and stationary power generators

- Pumps

- Inboard and outboard marine engines

- Heaters and boilers designed to burn diesel fuel



All high-speed diesel engines and medium speed diesel engines configured to burn distillate fuels:

- Improves fuel injector cleanliness

- Reduces fuel foaming

- Improves fuel lubricity

- Improves fuel stability

- Improve fuel economy

- Improves water separation

- Improves corrosion protection

- Reduces exhaust emissions



- Meets or exceeds the performance specifications and requirements of all major manufacturers of diesel engines designed to operate on distillate fuels

- Consistently achieves Cummins L10 Fuel Injector Keep Clean Test "pass" rating

- Meets or exceeds various industry standard test requirements for nozzle choking, lubricity, stability, water tolerance, and anti-foam performance. 



- Maximize available power output

- Cleans blocked fuel injectors and keeps them clean for maximum power output

- Preserves fuel economy and reduces emissions. Improves drivability

- Cleans fuel injectors and ensures that injection spray patterns are maintained, avoiding combustion problems which result in increased fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

- Superior detergency characteristics keep engines clean, to help save on maintenance.

- Exceptional lubricity properties protect injectors and plungers from wear.

- Excellent corrosion protection capability guards against excess wear of all fuel system components.

- Effective injection spray patterns from clean fuel injectors avoid starting and drivability problems due to improper fuel distribution and supply to individual cylinders. Excellent isolating characteristics ensure that entrained water and suspended contaminants separate rapidly from the fuel, avoiding any harmful effects on engine performance and efficiency.

- Improves refueling efficiency. Saves on maintenance.

- Excellent anti-foam performance eliminates slow vehicle refueling and fuel spills during refueling. Provides excellent storage stability.

- Enhanced oxidation stability withstands fuel degradation during storage.

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