All petroleum products stored at TELA terminals are tested to ensure contamination free and to supply the highest quality products. This guarantees that product deliveries to the customers are in superior quality. Apart from two spherical LPG storage tanks, our terminals have full capacities to store various petroleum products consisting of fuel oil, gas oil, gasoline and kerosene.    



In addition to our first Fuel Storage in Phnom Penh (Tonle Sap River), TELA built an additional storage in Sihanoukville on 2 February 2004, which is situated at the largest coastal port in Cambodia.

These two main storage centers were constructed to true international standards in terms of technical, safety and environmental designs. With our terminals and modern fleet of road tankers, TELA imports and distributes good quality products to our service stations and all customers throughout Cambodia.

Our commitment to total quality control and services are the foundation for our networks of service stations excellence serving today’s demanding customers. TELA also has standard jetty with an Operation Platform that allows the ships weigh from 500 to 5000 tons to dock safely and conveniently.



Prek Phnov terminal, established in 1996, is located along the Tonle Sap Lake and on National Road No. 5, Sen Sok district, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.

At this terminal, there are storage tanks equipped with a distribution pipeline system with a loading bay and river dock for berthing ships and receiving cargoes from ships transporting through the Mekong River.

This entire terminal is equipped with a security system and an anti-fire system, which can be assured a high level of security.

This terminal is a center for distributing products to customers nationwide. The management and operations are in accordance with the international standards required by ISO organization.

Since safety is our primary concern, quality and limit quantity before delivery of products to our customers, all vehicles and tanks are thoroughly inspected before and after the uploading the products.

Products, its specifications and volume are also inspected and verified by the Cambodian Petroleum Authority before loading onto the tankers.



 o   Before Pumping

      - Safety system and technical conditions for: tires, steering wheel, light, front light, rear light, braking system and fire extinguisher.

      - Inspecting tankers, and leaks both inside and outside the tankers.


 o   Pumping Process

      - Pumping attendant receives the card from the driver and inspects for specifics and quantity of products to be pumped.

      - Turn off the vehicle engine and all electrical systems.


 o   After Pumping

      - The volume shall be properly checked and sealed.

      - The vehicle and documentation are inspected before being permitted to leave the terminal for delivery.

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