SAE 20W-50, API CI-4/SL

Telnergy Super Premium Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil engineered to the most exacting standards for high speed four stroke diesels, including turbo chargers Super Premium oil for extended engine protection. 

- Meets API CI4/SL
- Suitable where API CF4 and CG4 are required
- Mercedes Benz228.1 and 229.1
- Man 271
- Volvo VDS
- MTU Type 1
- Cummins C.E.S 20071

1. Excellent extended oil drain capability for long lasting protection
2. Excellent heavy duty performance for hard-working equipment
3. Meets 1998 exhaust emission standards
4. Excellent engine wear control for reduced maintenance 
5. Excellent high temperature stability for extended lubrication effectiveness
6. Excellent corrosion protection
7. Excellent for staying in grade-delivering full protection between oil drains
8. Suitable for low sulphur fuels (0.5%)
9. Also suitable for diesel cars and light vans

- Do not pour engine oil down sewers or drains
- Dispose of used oil at your nearest oil recycling bank
- Avoid prolonged skin contact with new or used oils
- Wear goggles if

Carton = 18L